Make it about YOUR world. There are plenty of women who don’t give a flying “F” about pop culture or which dammed tv show you watched when you were 10. The fact is, all you have to do is make it about her. You’re making a lot of stuff about YOU, and who cares about that (for now). Certainly you have become your best subject, but get out of your head and DECIDE to be interested in another PERSON, instead of focusing on what’s wrong with YOU. You wont have time to worry about how awkward you are if you are truly into someone. Just, for God’s sake, stop thinking so much about the person you think you were supposed to be and embrace who you are!!! I’m not going to pity you, even though I know how much you want that. You able-bodied, able-minded tool. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’ve go so much more than so many, and you have the nerve to focus on yourself? Get out there and do your life! Before you don’t have one anymore. We are all given a finite amount of time in which to do our thing, and this is our time. DO IT! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and grab a large slice… no CHUNK of life! Think you’re shy? Doesn’t matter. Think you’re ugly? Doesn’t matter. Think you’re inept? Then you WILL BE as long as you tell yourself that you are. But it’s only an excuse. If you don’t have to try, then you won’t get hurt. OH POOR YOU! We’re all given the same chances. Most of us are given the same tools! Use your tool! Often!